Saturday, 25 December 2010

Warranty Void!

In this world of cut throat business, where an act of kindness is, more often than not, "outside company policy," this incident stands out.

I bought a pair of Sennheiser CX 180 noise cancellation earphones about a year back which I fell in love with. Every note that was to be heard was heard. Every bit of noise you didn't want it blocked. It also came with 2 years of warranty.

These very earphones bailed out on me during my official trip to Kerala. It so happens that I was thrown in with a bunch of people who found my music as alien as I found theirs annoying. In line with the noisy practices of our country, the junta was of the opinion that loudness = or > quality.

After a harrowing month, I returned to Golccha Electronics, the shop on SP Road from where the said earphones were purchased. The owner promptly asked me to take it to the Sennheiser service centre which he said was opposite to Garuda mall.

So, I rode to Garuda Mall.

I didn't find it.

So, I stopped by at Garuda Mall on the way back from work.

I couldn't find it.

It was then that I called him and asked about it's location. He said it was over an ICICI bank which was "very opposite" to Garuda Mall. On enquiry, I found that the nearest ICICI bank was "very beside" Bangalore Central and that it didn't have any thing worthy of being called a service centre above.

On calling again, he told me to get to his shop, which I did that night.

He started with apologies for making me run around so much. Apparently, the Sennheiser service centre which was due opening on the 20th of December had been postponed without his knowledge.

He then asked for the cardboard case that came with the phones so that warranty could be claimed. I, with a rather knowing air, proclaimed that no one preserves those boxes and that the bill which has "WARRANTY" written on it should be sufficient. He then pointed out that this very bill has, in fine print, "Warranty void without cardboard box."

He however told me that he'd take care of it. He handed me a warranty claimant slip. Then, he hesitated and went inside his shop. On return, presumably after a call, he confirmed with me of my inability to produce the box. He proceeded to ask me to show him the slip he'd handed me. On its production, he immediately tore it up.

"No warranty without box, Sir."

And before I could recover from the shock of this dramatic refusal, he asked me how I'd like a new pair. Since I was too dazed to respond, he asked me again, to which I replied that I wouldn't mind. Off his shelf he picked a brand new pair of the same earphones and put it in my hand.

"My customers come first. I'll fight with those people."

"At least this time, please keep the cardboard box safely. "

He'd staged the whole thing very well. It had a profound effect on me. I thanked him profusely in words and gestures. I then left the shop feeling very good about Golccha Electronics and for myself.

Lessons learnt:

1. Retain the damn cardboard box.
2. Only Rajendra saheb's Golccha Electronics, people.

Now playing: Think of me with kindness - Gentle Giant (quite a co-incidence eh?!)

PS: He trusted me to an extent as to not look at the defective earphones at all.


Bhargav said...

Lol! Awesome! Mine still work fine thankfully.

Shashi Iyer said...

Out of curiosity: what does one pair of these earphones cost? Wonder how magnanimous the guy really is with his customer.

Now that I really need some good earphones and have a friend's story to trust, I'm getting this stuff.

Bhargav said...

Cost about Rs. 1200. Worth every penny. More if you get a free replacement after a year!

Unknown said...

Right now they cost about 1350. My friend got one today.